Transformer not refreshing with onBlur event

I have a transformer that determines if a form is dirty (values have been edited.)

I have a trigger on the components' onBlur event to run an update query, but only if the form is dirty - using a transformer in the Only Run When property. The components in this care are Number Inputs.

If I type in a new value and tab off the component, the transformer is not refreshed even though the value of the underlying component has changed. This results in the update query not being run.

If I use the mouse on the arrow keys to change the value, onBlur is called on every click and the transformer is updated properly each one. This results in the update query running for every arrow click.

Neither of these are the desired outcome.

I want the transformer to be checked (refreshed?) within the event conditional when moving off the component after using the keyboard to change a value. When scrolling through the values using the arrows, I only want onBlur to fire when I am done editing.