Transferring Files for use by Multiple Users

I would like to put my code onto multiple folders for different users who will use my application with their own files.

What are the steps for doing this?


This depends on what you mean by folders and different users....
Are you asking if your code can be shared by different users of the application?
Are they editing your code? If not, you can add the code you want to share with multiple users and applications by using the Query Library functionality

I am selling this application to different users.

They will each have their own database and their own local storage.

What is the best way for setting this up?


You would have to restrict access to the resources to each user and each resource unless you are using a key to associate with each user in the tables in the database so that each user can only access data with their own key - it will depend on how you want to allow access to between each user... some data may be generic while other data may not...


I am intending to give them each their own database.

The other thing is the localStorage. I keep a lot of stuff in localStorage and I will be using the same variable names for each user.

This is why I need separate folders for each user.


OK - This is beyond my ability to consult further based on what you are planning to do and so I would suggest you speak(send an email to support or go to Office Hours on Discord) with someone on the Retool team to get the best advice.

Thanks Scott:

I have sent an email to Retool Support.

I do not like the Discord environment. I could not figure out how to start a New Topic.

From reading the threads, I did not get the impression that very many developers are getting solutions.