Tooltip API Call to Wiki Question

Hi! I'm a brand new user to Retool but like it a lot already.

For tooltips, is it possible to call an API that leads to our internal Wiki (i.e. we use a site called GetGuru) and we would love to surface that information to the app seamlessly. How to do this may be out there if I'm missing something but just trying to wrap my head around the Retool system.


Hey @Nate_Whitehouse! Welcome to Retool, glad you're liking it so far :slight_smile:

You can connect to basically any API in Retool. In your Retool org, you need to create a new resource and plug in your info (e.g. endpoint URL, any auth creds).

Let me know if you run into any specific errors and I'd be happy to help.

Ok thanks! I'll play around with and get it work.

Awesome! Keep me posted on your progress or any sticking points :slight_smile: