Tip to create app with table with 50k records

Hi i need to create an app with a table from a postgresql db that have 50k records i have already few filters with query sql with json and server pagination but when i try to look up a record thats is out of current pagination it wont work at all. I need to search all 50k for that record but is not doing that i think is because im using query sql with json? I only need to show at first 50 records but the filter should look up results from all dataset 50k entries how i can do that without loosing speed ?

Pd: people will be updating that table in the day many times too

this is my current behaviour

as you see i have pagination server enabled on main query and a query json with sql step to use custom filters, but is not working correctly. The search of CEDULA only works in the paginated page number 1 not the other pages. How i can fix that or how i can manage that? i got 50k records and dont want to load all of them as will be very slow.

thank you

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