`Timeout after (ms)` field on resource query Advanced settings is greyed out

@Kenny i have use self-hosted retool, but i still cannot change timeout value . notice that it is being greyed out

Also on self-hosted. I have also noticed that recently the timeout for MSSQLSERVER type is also greyed out. No changes to our env settings. This did not use to be greyed out as I have some other apps that I have changed this value in the last month.

I have the same issue as @gearball and @nickboeka

Thanks for asking @gearball @nickboeka @awilly - bringing this out into its own topic. I checked internally, and the eng team is looking into this.

In general, it looks like the Timeout after (ms) field in the Advanced query settings is greyed out in cases where our integration isn't able to enforce a timeout set from the frontend in Retool. For now I added "Also, for some resource types it's not possible to set a timeout in the frontend, so the option may be greyed out." to the Retool Tips and Tricks article.

The engineering team is going to take a closer look, and see whether (a) the resource types where this is currently greyed out are correctly greyed out due to it not currently being possible to set the timeout in that way, and (b) consider making it more clear in the UI why that setting is greyed out, for example with a popup message on hover.

We'll keep this thread updated with any new info! Thanks for your patience in the meantime, and appreciate you surfacing this.

Any updates @kbn ?

@gearball Just to follow up here, the change was made to grey out the Timeout after (ms) option for the query types where we don't implement the timeout that is set in the frontend. Previously, you were able to make changes here that were not applied and caused confusion.

We are looking into other options as Kayla mentioned and have an internal ticket tracking that work. We can update this thread when we have any meaningful information to share.

Since you are using a self-hosted instance of Retool, you can leverage the DBCONNECTOR_QUERY_TIMEOUT_MS environment variable. Thanks!

Hey all, just to update the thread. We are changing the ? tooltip to more accurately describe why the setting is greyed out.