Timeline: Reverse order

When using the Timeline component and set it to "grouped by day", the items are always sorted chronological, no matter how the data provided is sorted.

We are displaying a list of events, but we want to display the most recent event FIRST. It is currently not possible in retool, because we cannot activate the "reverse" property via retool (that exists in ant-timeline: Timeline - Ant Design)

Please allow setting the "reverse" property in the retool editor.

Thanks! And thanks for retool, your product is awesome.


Hi there @p0wl! I’ll pass this along to my team now, thank you so much for the feedback. I’m also going to add you to the internal ticket so we can notify you upon fix.

And thank you for being here!


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Note: @ismail-khan also mentioned they’re looking for this feature!

+1 - It would be great if this could be supported.

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@p0wl, @ismail-khan, @Martijn:

Hello hello!

Sorting items descending in a Timeline component is now supported. Let me know how it works for everyone. :smile:

Thank you all for the +1s and patience here!