Timeline format

I cannot get the timeline to populate this data.


Results in undefined

Can you post that JSON?
Can you also try removing .subject? and just use getRingCentralCustomerTexts.data ?


try wrapping the default value like so:

You can also Enable the transformer in the query
getRingCentralCustomerTexts and leave the Items value alone like so

I guess what I meant is if you could send the actual response data itself, but no worries

It's a multi step process

So getRingCentralMessages

I then format the data
var d = getRingCentralMessages.data.records
var outArr = []
d.forEach((a) => {
creationTime: a.creationTime,
to: a.to[0].phoneNumber,
from: a.from.phoneNumber,
direction: a.direction,
subject: a.subject

return outArr;

I then filter the formatted data with query json with SQL
select subject, creationTime from {{ formatRingCentralMessages.data }}
Where [to] = "+1654859745"
OR [from] = "+1654859745"

Hey @nroeder!

Can you try either formatDataAsObject(getRingCentralCustomerTexts.data).subject or getRingCentralCustomerTexts.map(text => text.subject)? If you want to pass the timestamps as well you can switch to "Grouped" mode and try passing formatDataAsObject(getRingCentralCustomerTexts.data).creationTimeto the "Time stamps" field.

Let me know if that helps :slightly_smiling_face: