Time zone management is inconsistent in SQL queries

Hello, I have been using retool for about two month in I have gotten used to it and I actually like it, the is just one frustrating issue that I can't replicate or understand.

I have a table with two columns that are timestamps without time zones, managed by Prisma (which saves the time stamp without time zone as a UTC string, so while they don't contain time zone information, the are normalized on utc).

On the retool side I need to be able to filter by date, by retool reasons, dates can only be filtered AS they come from the query (as in "2022-12-10T13:23:12.123z"), we live on UTC-5, so on the query level we fix the time zone using "AT TIME ZONE 'UTC-5'" , providing us with the ISO string corrected for UTC-5.

An on the table columns no configuration is needed, data is shown and exported as is. The problem happens every couple of minutes I'm which the time normalization on the query becomes redundant, and no normalization is needed, but later it is needed. I'm very confused.

I can provide any more info, thanks!

Hey @sergiofra98!

Would you mind sharing where and how you're using these dates? It would be helpful if you could also describe some exact steps you've taken to get the odd behavior, screenshots and recordings are super helpful!

Also, in case you missed it, there are settings on certain components to help manage time zones on the Retool end. The following, for instance, is on the "Date Time" column type in tables: