Theres any native search module for table grid?

hi retool have any search module for the table grid? or should i use regular text fields and sql query?

thank you

Yup, use text fields, selects, switches as appropriate and use those to in your sql queries Where clause.

Here is the simplest of examples:

You can get more complex by adding lots of filter options. You can also add a Query JSON with SQL resource in to the mix. I use that a lot with smaller tables so you only have to query your data source once and then have the table linked to the JSON SQL which handles your text filters.

There are other ways to do it as well that are ore complex but I rarely use them any more.


and what about using the filter option of table? i know its not as friendly, but it works correct?

Yup, sure does! You can also programmatically set the filters. It is a bit of work so I prefer the SQL JSON method myself.

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