The module only works in edit mode

Hello, in our app we have 31 modules,
this special module has 3 buttons that consume 3 queries, which are in Query Library.


In the special case of a query, it only works when you are in edit mode, when you are not in edit mode it shows the following error:

"statusCode": 404,
"error": "Not Found",
"message": "Unable to retrieve information about the query "destroySuscription"",
"data": null

We have been using retool for several years and something similar has never happened before, I hope you can help me, thank you.


The DELETE API request works fine in edit mode, but doesn't when previewing/viewing as an end user? Is it that the access token isn't correct for some reason? This one might require some investigating on our side, so feel free to open a support ticket with us and we can loop back here once we figure out what's going on!


Exactly as mentioned DELETE API request works perfectly in edit mode, but does not work in preview or with the end user. I already ruled out the token thing, since both sides use the same token and it still doesn't work .

Hi @BetoOrozco95, are you able to try clearing your browser cache or trying to run these queries in your browser's incognito mode to see if they work?