The gRPC Resource Connector is Beta?


When will the gRPC resource connector come out of beta support?

In fact, what does it mean that it is in beta? Are there known bugs or missing features?

Lastly, should one use gRPC resources in production given its current development status?



hey @Albert_L thanks for posting here! I've connected with the team who worked on the recent gRPC improvements, and while they released the updates in beta as an initial release to monitor for any feedback or issues from customers using the connector, there are plans to move it out of beta in the next few weeks.

You can use gRPC resources in production. As with any of our product areas please do let us know if you have feedback or any bug reports and we'll take a look to keep improving the integration. Let us know how it goes as you build more with gRPC resources! :slightly_smiling_face:

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As an update, the gRPC connector is officially out of beta. The team is confident in its use for GA, production use cases. If folks have feature requests or bug reports for it, just let us know in a separate post here in the community forum, or reach out to Support in one of our other channels: Contact Retool Support | Retool Docs . Thanks again for asking about the meaning of "beta" for this connector, @Albert_L!