Text Formatting for Javascript

We are trying to send {{screen -ls}} as plain text in an API call, but Retool is treating it as Javascript and thinking it is "null". How do we send the actual text {{screen -ls}}

Hey @ChrisV!

Have you tried sending it without wrapping it in {{}}? Retool will read anything wrapped in curlies as a JavaScript expression and try and evaluate as such, since screen -ls isn't valid JS it errors and the inline transformer returns null. As an alternative, you could also try passing {{"screen -ls"}} so that the transformer knows to view it as a string.

Let us know if either of those work!

@Kabirdas Thanks for the reply. We actually need to send the curly brackets. The specific text we need to send is actually {{screen -ls}}

{{"screen -ls"}} results in sending "screen -ls"

Ah! I see, can you try escaping the curlies using something like {{"\{\{screen -ls\}\}"}}?

That worked well. Thank you @Kabirdas