Temporary tokens as AWS signatures for Retool resource

I'm having some trouble and was wondering if you could tell me what I'm missing here.

I'm currently working on a project that requires migrating API requests from Postman to Retool. These requests are meant for an AWS API (SP API) and require the AWS Signature Version 4 (SigV4) for authentication. The process I've been using involves generating temporary credentials (AccessKey, SecretKey, SessionToken) from an initial response, and then using these in the headers of subsequent API requests as an AWS signature.

However, I am finding it challenging to implement this in Retool, especially since I can't add these temporary state values in my resource editor to make use of the AWS authorization method inside of there.

I am writing to ask if you have any built-in functionality that supports AWS SigV4 Headers for multi step authentication, or a recommended approach to handling this within Retool. Also, could you provide some insight into whether it would be possible to include these SigV4 headers directly in the headers of my API requests in Retool through a function that could calculate a signature inline?

Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.