Template string for form-data API request field name does not work as expected

Hi, when I make a request using the Form Data functionality of an API resource it does not work as expected. I am sending requests to a server I run and I'm able to see that the value passed is {{ 0 }} rather than "TestValue" as expected, does anyone know what may be going wrong here?

This happens using any templating for example something as simple as this has the same result.
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 5.27.20 PM

Hi there :wave:

Hmm :thinking: that is strange. Do you have a screenshot of the request? When you run the query in bottom window where usually the results are displayed, there is also a request/response tab. Can you check that out and see if you're able to see "TestValue" or not. Also, I'm curious to know how that value is dynamically generated What component is passing that in?