Tabs not switching containers

I'm using a mapped source (db table) to populate my Tabbed component.

How do I create containers which show and hide as I click through the tab choices?

It works when I use Link to Container option

Do I need to create and manage containers with JS? If so how?

Hi @doghousedev :wave:

Happy to help you out here! When you mentioned it works when you're using Link to Container option, do you have a solution implemented and are looking for an alternative here? Also, if you don't mind would you mind sharing a screenshot of your setup so far so I can visualize what you're referring to? That would be most appreciated :smile:


Thank you for the response.

You can see I am loading the tabs labels from a query. I do not understand how I would display and switch containers programatically.

Hi @doghousedev :wave:

I was able to dig up an old example I found that hopefully helps demonstrate how this can be programmatically possible:

tabbedcontainer1.selectTab(tabbedcontainer1.selectedTabIndex > 0?tabbedcontainer1.selectedTabIndex-1:tabbedcontainer1.selectedTabIndex)

Hope that helps there

Thank you. I was able to make that work. I changed the JS a bit but that got me in the write direction