Table with multi line entries from JOIN SQL query


I have searched the forum for relevant answers, however was not able to surface relevant answers. We have a DB with this structure

Table A: Contacts
(example row: John Doe, 35 years)

Table B: Positions
(example row: Google, Junior Software Engineer, 1 year)
(example row: Amazon, Senior Software Engineer, 2 years)

In order to have a good overview in a table with the content of table A (and not having to open a second table to understand the previous positions), we need to add table B data in table A. I envision this to be some sort of multi line text entry with position 1 and positition 2 below the name.

Is it possible to add table B data into table A in this way?

Thank you

@salestool Are you running two separate queries to get this information?

I would like to help but more context is needed.

What are the queries?
Have you tried joining both and then displaying the data in one table? Or using a temp state to put all of the information together?

Coming back to this aspect. Thank you for your response. Fair point.

Idea is to have a contact database where you can query contacts based on experience in previous positions. Hence the query would look like this

FROM contacts
LEFT JOIN positions on contacts.ID = positions.ID

I have not yet tried your proposed steps as I need some direction on how to approach this.

I imagine this needs to be some sort of container within a container.

Please find an illustration attached.

Thank you for the support!

You can use a listview component - I can try to emulate it for you but would need a JSON example with data in it from you so I can build it.