Table with lookup column


I have a campaigns table in the app, it has segment column, list of possible values are dynamic (sql query), but only 1 should be selected. Which column type should I use for this simple relational database case ? Is there any w/o workarounds?

I did some search on forum before - there are few posts on forum about deprecated Dropdown column type, not resolved bug in new component. So not clear at all.

Thank you

not sure I'm quite following @timadi ,
do you want to filter the results of the table based on a dropdown?

if so I would format like this

SQL query for dropdown:
select distinct columnForDropdown from tableName

would use the select component to have the results

SQL query for the table:
select * from table where columnName = {{selectDropdown.value}}

I want this kind of column in table (see last one on screenshot)

Hey! Does the Tag column work for your use case?