Table with date range won't display results unless date selected, but start/end range aren't working

Built a table with a date range, but when date range is empty nothing will display.

I attempted to set the start/end values using {{moment().format("01/01/2018")}} and {{moment().format("01/01/2020")}} as my start and end date which displays the proper date in the date range, and still nothing appears in the table.

When I manually set it, it works fine.

Two questions:

  1. What do I need to do to set the start value so it works?
  2. Is there a way so if the date range isn't set (null) it will just ignore it?


Have you tried the new date range picker now available? Or are expressly building a table manually for a specific reason?

Hi collinm, do you mind sharing what your query looks like and what type of resource query you are using so I can better answer your questions?