Table with addresses to geocode

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I wanted to be able to display all of my table addresses into a map with différents markers.

I tried to do it but I can only pass addresses 1 by one.

How could I transform my table to have also lat, long on each lines in a row ?

Txs for your help

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Hi benatt55, thanks for your questions. Do you mean that you have some query that turns a physical address into lat and long, but you want to run that for every row in a table so that you can display them all on a map? Any additional information you have will also help us better get to your solution.

Hey Grace,

I'm trying to do the same thing benatt was trying to do and I can't figure it out. Is there a way to use retool to geocode an entire column of data rather than one row at a time?

If you have a list of addresses in your query, you have to convert them to coordinates first (using some external services) and adding longitude and latitude fields in the array. Then, you can pass the array to the map in the Points field and it should render all of them as pins.

Hi - You mentioned converting them to coordinates first using some external services. Any suggestions on a good solution for this? to convert an address to geo coordinates?

Hi @finedesignz

I don't know anything in particular but a search with geocoding API might help. The service is a simple converter, thus, it's just a matter or price.

Hope this help.