Table styling, how to edit specific text in specific cells

We are trying to figure out how to bold or add styling to specific text items in a table column, row, or individual cell. I can see how to change colors of column backgrounds and to add custom css to the entire sheet but how can we add these dynamically AND statically to specific rows, columns, and cells as well as how to edit the font/size/styling of the text itself such as having one column bolded and a few cells italicized?

You can set the column to be HTML and then write logic in it to determine whether a cell should be bold or italics/size, etc..

how can i set it at html? and for quick js would it be possible to add conditions with js to a table row? such as if self.value[0].teams == "Mikes Team" ? rowcolor=blue || self.value[1] .teams == "dennis team" ? rowcolor = red || self.value[2].teams == "mark team" ? rowcolor = yellow etc? for a table like :

for refernce self.value is an array of objects and teams has the first column

all in all im trying to add specific hex colors to these rows depending on the team name and I would like to bold just the name column

You select the column you want to bold in the Inspect could also use Markdown

okay i can see how to change the type however i am still confused on how to bold these and as aforementioned still wondering how to color specific rows. could you give me an example using elf.value[0].teams == "Mikes Team" -> hex color and how to have 3 conditions and how to bold column 1 in any table? This would be an amazing help

For the team column use Markdown as type

For the row color options, just repace red, green, and yellow with the hex values you want.

{{currentRow.Team == 'Mike Team'?'green':'' || currentRow.Team == 'Mark Team'?'yellow':''||currentRow.Team == 'Dennis Team'?'red':''}}

Here's more info

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ohhhhhh okay sweet that helps so much thank you!!!! @ScottR :slight_smile:

Happy to help - best of luck

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Looking to do something slightly similar with modifying specific cells within a table.

I have the Following columns / Rows.

Data Info:

(This columns type is set as currency as most of the array is a dollar value, however the first row is where i amk trying to modify the cell to stop retool adding a dollar figure Infront of the temperature.

how can i modify that particular cell type to a number but all the other rows in the array as dollar?


@pete82 Can you repost as a new topic as yours is slightly different and please include any screenshots such as the column, the table, etc..

Thanks, Done so now.