Table - Pagination broke over night

Something was changed in Retool's table pagination last night that broke some of our tables.

This is how a table that was rendering properly yesterday now looks:

If you click on the next page button then the data loads.

If you change Pagination: Overflow to Scroll then the table renders properly.

Ok, figured out what exactly Retool changed. We have a default index function that selects a row if a date is in the current month or returns -1 if the date is not in the month. So on selections that return -1 for the default index, retool selects row -1 (which doesn't exist) and navigates to page -1 (which shouldn't exist).

Seems like you have logic for selecting a row in place that funked up :))

Great timing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, beat you by a second :stuck_out_tongue:.

I'm still curious why this default behavior was stealth-changed last night :thinking:

Are you returning -1 to deselect a row?

I believe that was the intention. It can be fixed by returning null instead of -1

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