Table not showing data

Ok, so I'm having a weird issue with a table not showing data from a query that runs fine. The app runs on the Retool built-in database.

In a fresh app, I create a table and in query1 I add
select * from tableName

I preview and run the query with no issues. Then I put
{{ }}
in the data field for the table. But the table shows 'No rows found'.

The error in the data field shows
Value given is null

This seems like a pretty simple scenario, and as far as I can tell, it directly follows the official docs basics tutorial for a table. Anybody know what's going on?

@zanderpm Welcome to the forum!
Can you post a screenshot? You have to Save the query and Run it. Preview is for view only not to populate components with data.

Thanks for the response! I just came back to say that it works now.

Fooling around with some other stuff, I added a form to the app and clicked the 'generate' link. It showed an error and gave a button to reload the page, which I clicked. It then took me back to the app with a working table.

I had run the query multiple times before, without any luck. Must have been some weird bug?