[Table] - Is there a way to display columns with lists as values?

I am querying Redshift and the table contains some columns with lists as values.
In the output, I cannot see these columns. Is there a way to display them?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey annafonte! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what those "lists" are looking like in the table component? If those are arrays, you could perhaps have them display by using a column mapper in the table settings like:


And then setting the column to Render cell as pure html

Hi Alex,
Theoretically your solution would be perfect for me, but my source is a Google Sheet and the system doesn't recognize the array in this way - if I understand the situation good. Would you please give me some hints what should I change? Thanks!


Hi annaforte! With Google sheets, the proxy for <br> should be "/n"