Tabbed container moving its position when switching tabs

When putting a container (or maybe also certain other components) into a tabbed container and placing the container below a certain level of the screen will corrupt the switching between the tabs in the tabbed container. See in the screenshot. This constellation, when switching from first to second tab or from second tab to first tab, will move the position of the whole tabbed container to the left resp. to the right.
It is a very annoying UI bug for user, since it looks very unprofessional.
See also the attached app as example (JSON file).

Tabbed Container Issues Testing.json (22.1 KB)

Hey @Reboon!

Just to confirm - is the issue that you're seeing the tabbed container expand and contract as demonstrated here?

@Kabirdas no, the expand and collapse logic works as it should. The problem I see is that the container is changing its position. You can see it in your gif. "View 2" is more to the left side than "View 1". So, when user clicks on "View 2" the container position moves to the right. When he clicks to "View 1" container moves back to the left.

Do you know what I mean?


Yep! That's actually what I was referring to :sweat_smile: thanks for clarifying! I'll let the dev team know.

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