Tab key is inconsistent when keying in to a table

The table I have constructed could be better.
For the text fields, the user can make an entry then tab to the next field.
But the numeric fields return to zero when you press the tab key. It is necessary to press ENTER to get the figure committed to the field before tabbing.
It would be better if the tab key could be used for all fields.
Is this possible?

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Hey @mdsmith1!

It looks like this may be an issue on our end, after some testing, it looks like previous versions of retool (2.99 and before) exhibited the behavior you're describing. I'll bring this up with the dev team and can let you know here when it has been fixed!


Thanks so much, I will wait until I hear from you.


Actually I found the Tab key works fine if the Table feature "Always Show in Edit Mode" is turned on.
I like it when this feature is turned on so I don't think any changes are required.