Styling points in a Mapbox component


In a MapBox component in my app I can successfully show points whose Lat/Long coordinates are read from a table component.

How can I style those points, e.g. change their colour, based on an attribute in that same table component from which I am reading the Lat/Long coordinates?

Thank you.

Hi @Aussie! We have an internal feature request for expanding our component in order to more easily style the points colors. I'll post on this thread when we're able to ship a feature for this!

In the meantime, my teammate, Kabirdas, has outlined some solutions here

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Thanks Tess! I will check out the link you shared.

I will be looking forward to the expansion of the MapBox component. I believe that will enhance Retool's capacity of bridging the gap between GIS and other enterprise systems.

How is the community notified of the release of new Retool features?


Aside from sharing updates on specific bugs or features on individual posts, we post our change log here:

You can subscribe to updates on that page as well!

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