Stripe Integration : array params

The stripe resource is not interpreting array params correctly.
Let me explain with an example
default_tax_rates (in the invoices endpoint) is a param which expects an array. The following screenshot shows how I am populating it in the UI.

But with this, stripe throws an error, complaining about an “Invalid Array”. And if you look at the request that was sent, it has the following snippet.

Stripe is expecting something of the form

Interestingly, if you specify TWO tax rates in the UI (hardcode the other one), the request goes through perfectly.
(Cannot attach a screenshot because new users are allowed only one media item)

APOLOGIES for the multiple self-replies, could not find a way to attach multiple screenshots

Also, please ignore tax_rates vs default_tax_rates, they are from different queries, but they behave the same

This is a screenshot of having two tax rates, which works fine

This is how the ERROR case looks when expanded

This is how the NON_ERROR case looks when expanded

I can make it work by using the following in the param field


This also works


But, I cannot find a way to make it use the variable
For example, this does not work

  {"0": {{stripeTaxRateID}}}

or this


I am passing the stripeTaxRateID as additionalScope to the query

Hi! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As we dug deeper, it does seem to be an error on our end. This has been added to the bug report, and we will update this thread when the issue has been resolved.