Strange dependency cycle from non-existent custom column


I created a custom column in a table assets_in_transactions_table and then deleted it. However, the custom column still shows up in the state explorer:
The only reason I noticed this is becauses when I refresh the app, I get these scary errors:

This is a detailed view of the table in the "inspect tab"

This started when the page froze one time, but I haven't had performance issues after this.
What can I do to correct this error?


I added it again and made the expression empty and I'm no longer getting the dependency cycle issue. But it still appears in the ColumnMappers property of the table.

Hey @sshersh!

It looks like this might be related to a bug on our end where custom column settings persist even when they're deleted. Typically, those settings should be innocuous, though I haven't seen it show up in quite the way is displayed in your component.

How did you have the column mappers configured when they were throwing dependency cycle errors?

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of those configurations at the moment might be to recreate your table.

Hi Kabirdas,

I reset the configuration for that column to get rid of that dependency cycle issue. I don't remember exactly how it was configured, but I think the mapped value was set to some expression with the table itself as an input. So it makes sense that there was a dependency cycle if the column persisted.

Sam Shersher