Strange bug with retool app, refresh page solve problem

hi, some time the app i have build not return result with the primary query in the table, return zero when we search something and we need to refresh page.

Hi @Mredodos,

Thanks for flagging this issue! That is really strange :thinking: Would you mind if I took a look at your Retool app directly? If so, just DM a link to your app and ideally, post here letting me know you DM'ed me so I can make sure to look out for it.

Out of curiosity, do you know roughly how often this happens and if there are any console errors when this occurs?

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We have discussed via support chat, it seems is too much request to database at same time. And we have activated debounce, and put some limitation on search field. :slight_smile: It seems solved for now.

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Thank you for sharing! Glad to hear it's resolved :slightly_smiling_face: