Strange behaviour of default FullCalendar events colours after clicking on them


we setup background colours of events properly to whatever we want to.

But after clicking on any event, all events change their colours to this gey-blue (see screenshot).

The selected event get red.


Is it possible to set this behaviour? We want al the colours to remain the same as before clicking.

To get the original colours back I need to refresh the page, which is very very bad UI.

Hi @sykac, which component are you using for these events? Some of our components have default CSS behavior, which is what you might be experiencing. I am wondering if custom CSS might help to solve your issue:

I'm using the default FullCalendar.

Cannot I simply prevent default behaviour somehow? Obviously, the background colour is changed on eventClicked.

Hey @sykac!

Happy to help here! Our native calendar component doesn't fully expose the fullCalendar libraries settings so this can be a little difficult as is. Are you currently using Custom CSS to change the colors for the calendar? Would you mind sharing a little more about your current setup?

Hi, I'm using everything in its default setup.

I was expecting this to be a quick solution without any extra work. But it doesn't seem to be that straightforward, right?

Hey @sykac — Are you looking to change this select color? I believe the only way to change this at the moment is to use custom CSS at the moment. This would be a great feature request! Would you mind posting this as a feature request on the community so that other users who are interested can chime in on this?

I'm having the same issue. After you click on an event and then click on another the color doesn't revert back to the color it originally was it switches to that default light blue. Any new solutions to this?