Stepped container works in module but not in app

Hello, I have a stepped container. In first step I load XLSX file, parse it and populate table. Then I send request to check the data. If there are any mistakes, I go to step two, where I have editable table where I sort out these mistakes and re-upload faulty rows again.

The check query is always successful, so I have on success hook, that either does "setStep("Step 2")" or closes the modal in which the stepped container is.

This logic works when I work within the module edit view and even in preview, but once I Include the module in app. the setStep never triggers. The module has no inputs, only two outputs (failed rows data and failed rows count). I tried different approaches, but never got the module working within the app. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hey @jandudek! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: Would it be alright if I stepped into your app and module to take a look? If so, feel free to email a link to both (or even just your app would be fine)!