Standalone filter & toolbar

Standalone filter components provides the same robust features and capabilities as their counterpart within table, and having the option to move it around and place it outside of the table can be quite beneficial.

I've seen users shy away from having the toolbar onto the table, as for some its not sticking out enough, or toolbar limiting the UI look (placing the color to the header and having round borders on the table, while having a toolbar there just looks weird)

Standalone filter positioned above the table will do the trick, but compared to the table one, it doesnt have the ability to use filters in a floating manner, ensuring they remain visually overlaid on the table. Positioning it above the table and using it will push the table down which is not great UI.

Also only available add on is tooltip, but it would be nice to be able to change the icon and the text.


+100 constantly keep needing this


Flagged these requests to our team! Thanks for surfacing in office hours as well :pray:


Hi @Milan_Kalem! Making sure I understand your request correctly -- the standalone Filter component works for your use case, but you want more options to control how it is displayed -- it sounds like either supporting Fixed height for the component or adding support for a general "popover" pattern would help the issue?

One potential workaround -- you could create a button which opens a modal that contains a Filter component. It's a bit heavier of a UI but would help the issue of filters pushing the table down


Also -- support for Popovers is currently on the team's roadmap! Stay tuned for some updates here

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Modal with standalone filter component is exactly what i have been using as a workaround for when I need to use it, but having the popover support like it has on the table toolbar filter is what I was referring to.

Popovers in general would make a huge difference when it comes to UI, so hearing thats on the roadmap is exciting news. :partying_face: