Staging cant connect to my Mysql database with same settings as Prod

In PRODUCTION I can connect to 2 different mysql databases on the same server.

When I set both of those into STAGING (using the same settings) I get this error:

( Why does it say Password NO ? )

My IT Admin says that server is not blocking by IP addresses.. but it seems like that would be a likely cause? What else could it be?

Hey @Tim_H! This error looks like it may be coming from your database side, actually.

After a bit of Googling, it seems like there are a few things we can look into:

Copied from a comment on that forum:

password= "YOUR_PASSWPRD"

As in no need to put the actual password, only copy "YOUR_PASSWORD"

2-If still doen´t work remove database

3-Check that your IP address is added to the server permissions/security

4-Check that the DB is available and public connection is allowed