SSL On Premise Install


I have a totally on premise install (Ubuntu server and installed via auto bash script).Site is all up and running under http which is great but want to get it under a self-signed CA.

Been using the following guide Custom Certificate for SSL

Edited the docker-compose.yaml. Created a retool.crt and retool.key. Configured nginx steps within a file i created called retool.conf as per the guide

When i get to run sudo docker-compose up -d i get the following error and i have no idea what it means as i copied the code as per the guide

ERROR: In file './docker-compose.yml', service 'links' must be a mapping not an array.

Any ideas would be sooooo helpful!



Hey @MewWales, I found this Stack Overflow post from a person with the same error that might be helpful! If that post doesn't help resolve your issue, can you write into Support directly and share your current configuration?