SQL Date Comparison Syntax Error

I'm trying to pull the date in a date component into a query to only pull the data from beyond a certain date that the users enters but I'm getting the most bizarre error:

Trying here with a literal string in the YYYY-DD-MM format with double quotes around it is successful:

Trying again with the startDateRange.value which has a literal value of "YYYY-DD-MM"

I've tried CAST(), moment() and a couple other tricks. Even tried to SET @datevalue as a variable to be maybe easier to work through but it seems like I'm running into a brick wall with these odd quotes. The error references an earlier line but I can't suspect that as the culprit given a normal string works fine.

I see a single and a double quote near the date being called in the query within the error itself... but you didn't paste/screenshot the CASE portion of the query

Hey @JakeSankari, Were you able to figure out this error? Is it working fine calling select * from myTable where myCol >= {{ startDateRange.value }} ? If so, can you please paste your whole query here so I can try reproducing the error? Also, what version of Retool are you using?