Sorting by key in Key Value Map component

Is it possible to sort in the Key Value Map component?

I’ve got a global helper function that sorts key-pair JSON objects correctly. My REST API query has this function in the query transformer, and I’ve confirmed via the query Preview that the sort function is working correctly.

But the Key Value Map component is not honoring the transformed results for some reason… The sort order in the displayed component is still in the original, unsorted order. I’ve double checked that the query is not cached, and I’ve confirmed that the component data input references the transformed response format.

Any pointers appreciated!

Hey @laurab! Unfortunately this is a known bug on our end (same issue with prettifying JSON objects). We’ll update the thread when it’s fixed!

@laurab When you say sort, do you mean the order of the keys of the object that are displayed inside of the key value map?

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the API Preview and the UI where this is displaying at the moment?

Yes, I’m looking to sort by key.

REST API call preview (with transformer that sorts by key):

Key Value Map component in the UI based on this query: