Sorting after applying a filter is not working


I have a table that can be sorted by Id:

Unfortunately, after applying a filter, the sorting doesn't work anymore:

Even if I click on the "Id" column again it will not sort it.

Any ideias why?

Thank you.

Hey @pedrocarloto!

This is certainly odd behavior, would you mind sharing a bit more of your configuration for context? I'm particularly curious about what version of Retool you're on and what your current table settings are, especially for the column you're sorting by.

Hey @Kabirdas!

Sure! So the column settings are these:

As you can see, our Id consists on a sequential number preceded by "q".

Even if remove the mapped value, I get this:

If I remove the filter, the sorting makes sense:

The retool version is:


Any more info I can provide?

That's great context, thank you! This has been brought to the attention of our devs and we can let you know here when there's a fix!

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