Sort table by more than one column?

I think it used to be possible to sub-sort tables by more than column by pressing Shift and then clicking on the respective columns, but that doesn't seem to work any more.

Is there another way of sorting tables "on-the-fly" by more than one column without having to write code?


Hi @maurizio Thanks for reaching out! We have a project in queue for this, but don't have a timeline yet. I'll post here when I get updates or when this feature ships!

Currently, the best workaround I'm aware of is to use Javascript code

Hi @Tess, any news on this feature? Do you have a timeline?

Hi @g.conte! Thanks for reaching out.

It's still something we want to implement, but I don't have a timeline yet :disappointed:

For some context, we determined that we needed to make some larger improvements (most notably making the table faster) to the table component before adding new features. Those larger improvements should be shipping in the next quarter or so, and then we'll be able to go through and add more features