Sort order in button action

In the button action, could you add a sort to the dropdown list when you choose “Open another Retool Page” for which “Retool Page to Open” ? Right now it just seems to be a random order that the pages are listed in making it tough to find the page you’re looking for when you have a lot of Retool pages.

Hey @coleca that is a great idea! Thanks for pointing this out. They should probably be sorted alphabetically or maybee by created/last used dates. Also we should make the names easier to read too!
BTW, one handy feature is that you can search inside this dropdown too! Once you click on the dropdown, you can just start typing and it will filter the list of apps for you. Hopefully that will help you find your app faster :zap:

Hey @coleca@emily from the team just recently fixed this :smile:
The list of apps is now sorted alphabetically by app/folder name and she also improved the readability by fixing the display of the URL encoding of the app names.

Thanks again for reporting this!