So what exactly do I get from a filePicker?

I try to upload a media message to twilio using it's API, I try to use filePicker or fileDropArea, I think they do the same thing. but I don't know what format do I get from filePicker.value[0].
is that text? form date or else?
screenshot shows these options, since API says it only take binary, so I tried that first but not working, anyone knows what to do?

Hey @Akechi, happy to help! It looks like raw is the only choice that expects a string and that's what filePicker.value[0] seems to be:

Can you try that and see if that works?

Hi Jay

I have tried Json before your post. uploaded. haven't seen results, still working on read media message API.
Tried Raw as well after seeing your post, also uploaded.

going to let you know the result once I can see the message from the download API from url.

Thanks for your help

lol, seems I replied to my post by mistake, the reply below was suppose on your reply thread

I tried every item until binary finally worked.
thanks for your help