Small fix to improve required field errors for users

Currently, when you make a field required and the user hasn’t filled it out, the message looks like:

some_component is a required value.

However, “some_component” is an internal name that’s likely to be obscure and sometimes completely indecipherable for the end-user. On the flip side, it’s not a great idea for Retool developers to choose a more user friendly but less developer friendly component name either.

One very quick improvement here would be to use the much more user-friendly Label value for this error, at least for components that have such a field. This would immediately fix the problem for Text fields, which are of course a very popular user input field.

There are more extensive solutions possible (e.g. custom required field errors), but just the small fix would be a great start.

And of course, let me know if I’ve just missed a simple way to achieve this on Retool today!

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@soroushjp_vow Hi Soroush! Welcome to the forum. A custom validation message for each component would be a nice feature to add in! The closest we’re able to get to at the moment is just renaming the component’s designator to as user-friendly of a name as possible but I definitely see the limitations here (I.E. First_Name) and the value in an additional label. Thank you for posting!

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