Slow app starts since some weeks + general performance problems

Hi there

Since some weeks, the apps start very slow. When I am at the start page of retool when clicking on an app (e.g. the play button), it takes about 1s before the browser is even opening the app. The loading of the app then is good in speed but there is just a delay before.

Also, today I was on an app and then hit the edit button and the page just reloaded without doing anything. I needed to hit the edit button three times in order to land in edit mode.

Is there something going on behind the scene? There were performance problems end of September (our customer care has had problems to work with retool because of that). Before those performance problems we were super happy with Retools performance generally, since then everything seems slower and more laggy… I wonder if there is a reason for that?



Thank you for writing in, and sorry to hear that Retool feels slow lately. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to why load times might take longer than expected. If there are a number of queries to varying types of resources that must be completed before the app loads, that can take time to resolve. Sometimes reducing the number of queries upfront and having them load, for example, just on input change can help reduce initial load time.

The edit button issue is concerning though. If it happens again, can you take notice of any potential error messages in your browser console? I'm wondering if something is actually broken or if the browser is just hanging.

As far as behind the scenes, I do know that yesterday (November 16th, 2021) there was a pretty substantial Google Cloud outage that had some effect on many integrations related to Retool. It could have contributed to downtime. But, as far as anything Retool specific, nothing that I'm aware of! If I do hear of something, I will certainly let you know.

Please, let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!


The delay at the beginning has nothing to do with the app. This happens for any app, also an empty one. When I am on the startpage of retool and click any app there is a delay of about 1s until the app is even opened. This was different about a month ago.

About the edit: I'll see if this was a one-time thing or if it occurs again and will let you know.

Hi @hansaplast,

Circling back on this issue from last month, it fell off my radar, sorry about that :sweat: Is this still something you're seeing in Retool?

The slow app start is still an issue. I've uploaded a screen recording. You see from the click to when the app is even opened there's about a 1s delay. The delay was even higher when I first tried it this morning. Maybe on subsequent tries it's faster, but I still don't see what retool does in this 1s. Is this something only I see?


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Just want to add that I too have seen my apps (which haven't been edited) feel a lot more sluggish lately. It seems to have coincided with some updates to some of the widgets, in particular the table widget is different and interacting with it seems to be the worst new offender.

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Hmm... this is not something I'm seeing on my end and I haven't seen multiple reports of this issue in particular. Curious that it's happening across apps regardless of size. Is this happening across multiple users? If it becomes something that's blocking your use of Retool you may want to write in through intercom so that we can take a closer look and possibly step into your org.

Definitely an issue for me.

Hey @lsargent! How much of a delay are you seeing when you load into your app? Also is this something that just started recently?