Simple filter box for table data?

Hi All,
Sorry for rudimentary question here - I'd like to add a search box above my table data - and then have the table filter based on what I have typed in the search box.

I found an online tutorial for this - but it was out of date, so it doesn't match the current ReTool version.

Ive searched similar posts here, but they aren't leading me to the solution.
I'm not sure if my query should be doing the work or something else.....

I'm sure this is something simple.... any steer to the right resource would help,


Replace line 4 with;

WHERE company.company_name ilike {{'%' + input_search_company2.value + '%'}}

and it should work :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jonathan - I found it out, lurking somewhere on the internet, my apologies - as I thought I had posted my solution....

thanks again,