Sign API Requests

I need to use the Starling Bank API to close out some use cases and automate some tedious manual steps, but the API's need signing as per Starling Developers this would be a great addition to the Retool toolbox, unless there is already a workaround that I'm not seeing?


Hey @mawdo81! Thanks for the request. Unfortunately I don't believe there is a workaround to sign the requests like that currently. I did log this internally and can continue to update this thread as I get any additional information on the request's status.

Thanks Joe, I've come up with a bit of a hack using a workflow and involving only adding the Authentication header into the API request at the resource query stage rather than having it as an innate part of the resource.

Trouble is I can't get the python cryptography library to be recognised, despite it being one gf the "preinstalled packages" would you mind having a look at this topic please?