Show tag label instead of value to send a request to api

Hi i have this use case

im creating a pdf with documint

im showing "status":{{ }} but that have a value = ordered, theres any option to show the tag label instead? the label is 'generada'

thank you

Hey @agaitan026!

Typically this would show up in the table's .columnMappers property but it doesn't look like it is for tag columns :thinking: I've filed a bug report and will let you know here when there's a fix!

In the meantime, I think you'll need to do the conversion in the transformer you're passing to your query... How many different labels do you have? If it's just the two from the second screenshot then a ternary like {{ === 'ordered' ? 'Generada' : 'Completada' }}. Otherwise, you could make a separate table1SelectedStatusLabel transformer that does something like:

const statusLabels = {
   ordered: 'Generada',
   completed: 'Completada',
   // ... more labels

return statusLabels[{{ }}];

And then pass {{table1SelectedStatusLabel.value}} to your query instead.

Doe either of those options work?

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