"Show notification on success" does not work anymore

"Show notification on success" does not work anymore once I switch into "Preview" mode. No notification is being shown. In "Edit" mode it works fine.
We are using such success messages to indicate to the user that his action was completed successfully. Now all our users don't get any message anymore.

It would be great if this can be fixed as soon as possible. Such bugs shouldn't be released in my opinion!

Retool version 2.100.7.

--- edit ---

I just figured out that my initial assumption is not fully correct. So, it seems that the notifications stop working sometimes in preview mode, sometimes in edit mode. Sometimes they don't stop working, but most of the time they do. Seems quite random. Sometimes reload of the page fixes the problem, sometimes not. Problem exists in Edge as well as Chrome.

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Same thing here, but with erros. A failure happens, it's set to display, but nothing appears on screen.

Check the Show query status to viewers in App settings. If not enabled (seems to be the default since this setting was added) that would explain the lack of notices in Preview mode.

I have noticed that sometimes the notices, as well as the Debug console's Console tab will stop working on occasion. A page refresh fixes it.