Show and hide components crazy

return testHidden.value ? testHidden.value(false) : testHidden.setValue(true)

why do I get an undefined? I don't get it.

@naveen07 I need a little more context to understand what you are trying to accomplish...
are you trying to hide a component based on some value?

Hi Scott, I have a modal, it's a login modal in my app, i fill in the credentials and I hit the "login" button, I check against my DB, if valid Credentials, I want to show several components, then hide the login component. it's easy with a modal modal.close(), but wanted to know how to do that with a container, make sense? Thank you.

In the Inspect view (on the right panel) there is a field where you can set logic to hide the container base on whether something is true or false
Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 1.46.51 PM

I was looking for an example that actually works, have seen different ways to use other components to get the same functionality, thank you, appreciate your time.