Show 24h times in Calendar component

I use the Retool Calendar component and feed it with UTC dates. The event times on each day is shown as US 12h format. Is it possible to show them as 24h format instead? I see there's a default date field setting but it seems to be only for manually added events.


Hey @riper!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this is possible at the moment but the devs are aware and have included it as an improvement that needs to be made to the Calendar component. We can let you know here when it is supported :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, thanks for your answer!
Is it possible to use some other kind of calendar component inside of Retool?

Would you mind describing the use case for your calendar?

We're looking into making upgrades to the calendar component, but in the meantime, you might consider trying a third-party library in a custom component.

Hey @riper!

We've just released a new Calendar Component that allows you to use 24h format :tada: