Shared env variable between multiple resources in one app

We have one app with one grapnql resource and one REST API resource. We are doing the authentication using a grapnql endpoint and then store the returned token in an env file and reuse it for any of the other queries inside the grapnql resource and it works fine.

However, some of our queries use REST API and we need to use the same authentication token we got from the grapnql resource, in out REST API resource. Referring to the defined env variable from the grapnql resource does not work and we couldn't find anything about that in the documentation.

Any ideas?

Hey @amitbaz! Ooh, interesting. The resource setup page is pretty "locked down". Can't really pass anything in dynamically from other resource setup pages. In queries, however, you can pass query outputs into query inputs, if that's helpful at all :sweat_smile:

Would you mind sharing a bit more about where this authentication is being stored?