Share session between multii page apps

I'm building a multi-page app. All the pages use the same REST API resource, and this API requires authentication. Every time I open a new page, o even reload the page I'm currently on, I'm forced to authenticate again, and this results in a really bad user experience. How can I save the session so that the user isn't required to enter his or her credentials every time? I'm using a Custom API Authentication strategy. I thought about trying to extend this Auth strategy to save the token in local storage after the first successful authentication and checking if there is a token before trying to authenticate again. Is this the right way of achieving this in Retool?

Hi @Leandro! Welcome to the community! Happy to help with this. :thinking: Auth should generally be stored on the Retool user, so it should work with multi-page apps. Would you be able to share a screenshot of your resource set-up? You can email us at if you don't want to post that info publicly